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The Crossings at Salem is about change, synergy and hope for our families, fellow citizens, county and state. We are living in a world full of disconnectedness and uncertainty, and our sense of community has fallen by the wayside. Factions and frictions develop. Often, the rush to judgment sometimes obscures the path to understanding and growth. Our senior citizens, youth, minorities and those facing emotional, mental and physical challenges are often the most vulnerable. Segregation, stereotypes, and stigmas are real; they exist and harm individuals and communities. It prohibits growth and healing while contributing to the problems. We aim to change all of that. We want to be part of the solution.


The Crossings at Salem is a comprehensive community designed to unite sub-populations by providing opportunities for interaction and the sharing of interests and talents among fellow citizens. We want to create a society where hard work, respect, community spirit, pride and civic duty are paramount. We want to honor the notion that everyone has something to contribute and that together we are stronger. A community within a community.


Our site plan presents a mixed-use, walk able community accessible to public transportation. A proactive approach built in harmony with nature comprised of residences for a variety of budgets and needs. Safe, well-lit public spaces including plazas, parks, community activity/meeting rooms, and many other planned amenities which will encourage interaction among fellow community members. Attractive and innovative shopping and dining venues will provide additional gathering spaces as well as jobs for the citizenry. Office space for local businesses is also part of the plan. 


In the spirit of holistic living, The Crossings at Salem will be home to a variety of services to aid in healthy living throughout the life cycle. These will include a childcare center, rehabilitation facilities for citizens needing professional support for substance abuse and/or mental health issues, a senior citizen living complex and offices for medical care and physical rehabilitation. These human service establishments will bring additional employment opportunities to the community. 


The Crossings at Salem wants to revitalize our community and instill a feeling of identity, inclusiveness and pride in area residents. The Crossings at Salem is not just another land development plan. It is a comprehensive health and human development plan. It is designed to bring our community together into a synergy that will strengthen our population now and for generations to come. 




Citizenry:  The idea that because one lives in a particular place that he or she has certain obligations to the community and is also entitled to certain rights as part of that designated entity. 


The Crossings at Salem is a planned holistic community to be constructed in the Glasgow area of New Castle County that will be built on the premise that working, playing, living, learning and healing together will promote synergy, citizenry and a better quality of life for all Delawareans. Investment in one another and the community creates well-being. 


Civilization:  The process by which a society or place reaches an advanced stage of social development and organization. 


The Crossings at Salem is physically structuring a community that will provide opportunities to encourage human development, prosperity for all and social connectivity. Enlightened design paves the way for advancements on all levels. 


Mindfulness:  The state of being conscious or aware of something. 


The Crossings at Salem acknowledges that individuals and families want to feel respected, safe and supported in times of need. Society needs to be more civilized and that citizens need to be exposed to healthier and more inclusive communities. By providing healthy activities, protected and well-maintained common areas that enhance the quality of life and community programs that teach life skills to our citizenry, we will better our citizenry, county and state. 


Intervention:  Action taken to improve a situation. 


The Crossings at Salem knows that function follows form and that a well-planned and executed course of action can remedy dysfunction before it is irreversible. By providing community-housed rehabilitation, wellness programs, and jobs for area residents, we all benefit. 


Progress:  A movement toward a goal or to a higher stage, the promotion of the well being of the public through the goods, techniques or facilities created.


The Crossings at Salem is a land development plan that will bring both our individual citizens and the community as a whole to a higher level of functioning. 

Smart growth insures a safer and healthier future for all of us.


Sustainability:  The ability to continue in a defined behavior pattern indefinitely. 


The Crossings at Salem is a community designed to offer all the best civilization has to offer with a 21st century awareness of the socioeconomic, behavioral, ecological, and age-related stressors which impact the quality of life. Our holistic community is designed with amenities that will bring out the best in the people in our area and built-in safety valves to ensure our citizens get the support they need throughout their life cycle. 

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